Check out this Dog Friendly Southern Oregon Resort


If you and your four-legged family members are joining us at the "Spruce Grove Cabins", we request the following courtesies towards our property and other guests:
- Please feel free to unleash your dog provided it is friendly and not aggressive. (you may be asked to keep your dog on a leash if they are not social with others)
- NO BARKING allowed. Do not leave your dog unattended in the room unless you are certain they will not bark in your absence. We cannot tolerate this disturbance to other guests. Please leave your cell number with the front desk just in case.
- DO NOT LEAVE YOUR DOG ALONE in the room unless you are certain they will not damage the room in any way. Otherwise, please bring a kennel for your dog. (Any damage will be charged to the credit card on file.)
- Please Let us know if anything occurs due to the actions of your dog. We won't bite, but we would like to know so as to clean up or repair something before it becomes a problem for our next guests.
- We provide old sheets to put over the sofas - please use these regardless if your dog gets on the sofa or not... It helps deter dog hair and outside debris.
- We can give extra old towels if needed for your pet's feet, again prolonging the life of our carpets. Don't hesitate to ask for these!
- Please pick up after your dog...we can also provide you with extra bags for this "dog duty"

Dog Fees

Dog Deposit is not Required -$10.00 per night accommodation & any damage is secured by your credit card

Thank you,
South Lake Tahoe's Visitors Authority thanks you for you and your "family member" joining us. We want to continue providing a comfortable environment for ALL of you to visit so we appreciate your efforts helping us to do that. The Staff